"New Year's Resolution" versus "The Bottomline"

Damian aka Ferris

Posted on February 25 2018

I feel like this was the first year in recent memory that no one posed the topic or question, "Any new year's resolution(s)?" I feel like the lack of this top of the year "thing" is transforming into two simple mantras:

  1. Keep positive people around you, and
  2. Good Vibes Only - hence make a pin and stick it to yourself and the world to heed notice.  

Both of these are so simple but yet we often find ourselves with strange exceptions or contradictions to these better housekeeping odes to live by.

Why is that? I know it's a recurring theme in my life.

I think it is because, ironically, we give people the benefit of the doubt day-in-and-day-out. Go figure. We try to "stay positive" with these characters but seem to hold the short end of the stick. 

What is one to do then? Numbers 1 and 2 are more or less the same. But we need reminders don't we - or perhaps a translation. I think the first one is a rule and the second a mantra. We need to the positive reinforcement or repetition to really nail it into our heads.

If you think of these during the most mundane times throughout the day like showering, waiting in elevator, waiting for garage gate to open, standing in a line, in between your procrastinating loop cycle behavior on your iPhone, using the bathroom at work, and/or doing laundry - you will start to make changes in your life little by little. You will recognize when someone who doesn't meet Number 1) and 2) - enter your frame aka your life. 

What will happen is you will start to learn not to engage with these toxic or negative people. You will start to reconcile the list of who are the problems and getting cleaned out versus keeping any new jerks from walking in the door. This will over time reduce stress in your life and only engage with people who make you happy, fill you with inspiration, learn from, build community, return the kindness or generosity, and engender mutual gratitude.

Because the goal of Number 1) and 2) above is to embrace a life of rewarding experiences and gratefulness. Hopefully this will include spiritual feelings or a connection with God. 

"The Bottomline" is our relationships shape a great deal of how we see the world around us. Happiness and gratitude are so married to those influencing souls around us. The 3rd is of course what we consume and fuel our bodies with from the planet. In a next post, I'll share my feelings on how our diet or food is just as important as who we surround ourselves with both personally and professionally. 

Good Vibes Only,

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